Work in Progress – Cenote

The project consists of the recreation of a Mexican cenote on natural scale within the new Spa&Wellness center at the Majestic Costa Mujeres Hotel.

It’s a project tailored for our client and developed by our various teams. The project has passed successively through our design and quality control phases, such as the digitalization of the idea through the latest three-dimensional design programs, the machining and cutting of the pieces using numerical control machines, the design of the structure and the execution on site by our technical team and the finishes and decorative elements elaborated by our artistic team.

The cenote will have its own natural lagoon, caves and caves with integrated jacuzzis and wooden cabins for the relaxation and rest of the clients that will be transported to the atmosphere of a real cenote, but with the comforts of a design spa.

You can see the final result here >>>

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