The Projects of the year 2017 advance

Hello everyone,
We want to inform our followers of the works that this year 2017 the Iberostar Group has commissioned our team of ThematicLand.

Through this article we would like to thank the Iberostar Group who invited us to participate in these three projects in different facilities in the island of Mallorca.

We hope that these facilities give the maximum performance already from the beginning of season of summer 2017 in Mallorca.


See you soon
ThematicLand Team


1) Turnkey project of the Aquatic Park at the Iberostar Gaviotas Park Hotel

2) Design and execution of sheets, waterfall and jacuzzis in penthouses of Hotel Iberostar Acudía

3) Execution of a rooftop pool at the Hotel Iberostar Bahia de Palma


Opening Hotel Iberostar Bahia Palma with ThematicLand Pool

ThematicLand Pool Hotel Iberostar Bahia Palma

Last May 26th 2017, Hotel Iberostar Bahia Palma has opened his operation for this season 2017.

After a strong works during spring in this hotel of Iberostar chain, now the hotel is ready to face summer 2017 season.

ThematicLand was asked to construct a special pool in the roof top of the building. And this is the work that ThematicLand has executed during last months.

If you are staying at Iberostar Bahia Palma Hotel, you can swim close to a 8 floors high and one of the best sights of Palma de Mallorca bay.

The pool has a capacity of 40 m3 of water, and the sheet of methacrylate that you see in the images has a weight of 1800 kg and thickness of 8 cm.

Special thanks go to Grupo Iberostar to trust on ThematicLand team to perform this project.

Thanks for your time
ThematicLand team